Sunday, March 23, 2008

...some bunny loves you... (random thoughts on an Easter morning)

Happy Easter!

I love in the Easter story how it is the WOMEN (thankyouverymuch) that find the empty tomb.

Today is the 30th anniversary of my brother Peter's* birthday. (He died about 20 days later.) My dad is the keeper of such anniversaries in our family, so he told me as part of the "He is risen, He is risen indeed" phone call. It was Maundy Thursday that year, that year Easter was early, too. I don't remember. I am grateful for my father's memories. And my mother's, too.

I bought hot cross buns at the grocery store and am about to go be the EB to some unsuspecting neighbors...

Which I should get on with...

Max is going to bring in my mail whilst I'm in Minnesota, so yes, it was a good Good Friday. (We spoke briefly outside our house and smiled at each other. It seemed very normal. I was able to stand listening to piano music as I pulled onto the road my library is on.) It feels good to have turned another corner in the labyrinth of healing.

I went over to Blackbird's and watched a YouTube and then another one, the Food Court musical. I'm too lazy (or too intent on finishing this post pronto) to figure out how to link to a You Tube that wasn't the original one you were looking at.

I got a manicure last night and it's already snagged. My manicure place reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine gets George's dad to translate the Korean...

I went shopping at Christopher and Banks--love that store, and got reallly many nice things, for not so much jing. Maybe when I get back from Minneapolis I'll figure out the picture/computer thing again. (I went to C&B two years ago to get my "update" on my professional wardrobe for the PLA conference. My budget of $75 got me a pair of pants and a bunch of tops. This year I got about the same, but the pants are nicer.)

One sad thing about my xpifying of the computer--I lost all my Picasa files. Not the pictures, but I had made notes n'at. Sigh. Yes, you can comment and tell me how Flickr is so much better.

I'm hungry. Maybe I'll eat something before I go be the Easter Bunny. That's it, the Easter Bunny slept late!

My dad reminded me of a story that he repeats occasionally: when I was little, I asked him if when he was little he had an Easter Bunny or was it Granny? And shocked, he looks at me and says, "I think Granny would look awfully silly hopping around delivering candy to all the houses, carrying her keys." (Not a direct quote, next year I will remember to WRITE it down.) Granny apparently got a kick out of that story.

One year (and I hold the memory on this, last year Kiki didn't remember that year I think) Easter was vera vera warm and the chocolate eggs were liquid. There is a family movie of that somewhere, it's when we lived in Silver Spring and Kiki lived in Laurel, MD, so it was over 33 or so years ago, yikes!

Sis made it home last night. Apparently she drives more like the folks on my mom's sister's side of the family (few stops.) Yeah, I would be the POLAR opposite of that, which is why NEXT YEAR when I go down to South Carolina for Easter, I will be flying. (The ALL CAPS is because I would have gone this year if Easter and the PLA conference weren't in the same 14 day time span...)

Happy Easter, all! (and to all a good morning!)

*two peeps that will always get their non-anonymous names
are my bro Peter and my sis, Joy, as they are both in heaven.


Sarah O. said...

Happy Easter n'at!
I love your Easter sories.

cuileann said...

Another corner turned in the labyrinth of healing...that's such a good way of putting it. Hurrah for Facebook stalking!

Christos anesti!

Amy A. said...

Wow. You have been quite the busy little bunny!

Happy Easter!

elena jane said...

you had a busy morning!!
happy easter :-)

Sonia said...

I wish you and yours had a Very Happy Easter!

Caro said...

I hope you're having a good trip!