Sunday, March 09, 2008

What I'm looking for (part deux) (with corrections)

Just finished watching Stranger than Fiction.

The first featurette is finishing playing as I write this.

What I want is a therapist that can see me as someone besides a woman who needs a date.

Emma Thompson did not marry and Kenneth Brannaugh got divorced in 1994. She is a woman of greatness, who is not married.

Queen Latifah is not married (that I know of).

(These are two women that star in STF.)

It IS possible that I am destined to fall in love and get married (and not have twelve or two point five children.) (I still think that even if I get married, I will remain childless, BY CHOICE.) (But I'm open...)

And if I am going to be spilling my life story, telling a person things that my mother would rather stayed in the closet or even in the wrapper itself, (price tag on) I need a person who believes a little bit more than me than someone who needs to "get out more."

If you, dear reader, saw the state of my apartment, you would KNOW two things. Either, a) I need to STAY IN MORE and clean my apartment, or b) I need to hire a personal assistant/cleaning person.

While, yes, the entrance of Max into my life, my very apartment, did mean it was more well kept for a time, the return to its native state of chaos says more about me than it does about the breakup.

Sally, the last time she was here, found and assembled the remote control holder that I had purchased at IKEA at least a year prior. My remotes now rarely are not in their place, in the "a place for everything, and everything in its place" schema.

One of the women who prays for me regularly suggested that I needed to get out of myself. Feed the hungry or something. Sally said, you could babysit for Kelly as she packs boxes (yes, dear reader, Kelly is moving to Virginia--sob, sob.)

So I need something in between.

I have said for many months (almost a year?) that I need to write a post about the book The Joy of doing things badly. Well, darlings, give me a few hours to work on it, and later today I will start that post.

We are hitting some significance.

As an aside, it is Sally that has continued to badger me to watch Stranger than Fiction, which I think I need to own very soon. It fell off the holds list (yes, even library computers are error prone and lose things) many times and FINALLY I got it in my hot little hands earlier this week. But knowing what I did about it, that it was in the "Truman Show" school of comedy, I didn't want to watch it in the evening, when I desperately need more direct comedy, something that is outright hysterical. And I am GRATEFUL that I didn't see STF in the theatre, because I laugh at all the understated humor and I am almost always the only one laughing at those points.

And it seems that in the movie theatre is the only place that my very unique laugh is unappreciated.

Must watch next featurette. More later, I promise.

Oh, and it snowed yesterday. The houses are coated with snow that looks like sugar. And the sun is out, melting it away. I think Max is the one that keeps our steps cleared from the snow. The girls have completely moved in now, so I can't differentiate their slamming of doors from his, mostly because I've stopped listening.

I can't seem to stop writing. I love sentences, I do!!




Caro said...

You strike me as a very busy person who is always doing things. Your life is very full.

I have a unique laugh too. It's quite loud and embarrassing. :-)

Sarah Louise said...

Thanks, Caro. Thanks for that.

(Which, has become one of my favorite phrases, "Thanks for that.")

daysgoby said...

Honey, they divorced in '94. (I was quite sad about it, loving both of them.)

Woman of greatness - what a title! And an absolutely DO-ABLE thing for you, whatever your marital status.

I love how your mind works.

Sarah Louise said...

oops. I thought they were just engaged and didn't get married...this is why I need my readers...

KitchenKiki said...

You have a laugh that makes people smile!