Monday, March 10, 2008

Bird by bird, breath by breath...

A few Saturdays ago, I went with a friend to see Anne Lamott, who had a cold. Yet while she stood there talking to us, we who were there to celebrate the Community of Reconciliation's 40th anniversary, she said in the middle of the talk, "I am not sick while I am here with you." Somehow our presence in her presence, she was not coughing, she was able to be her best self (which is pretty wonderful, btw.)

And that is how I felt this evening. I spent most of the day just vegging, as I am in the second week of this cold. I didn't go to any meetings, I just watched an episode or two of SATC, started reading The Namesake, and took an afternoon nap. But generally felt tired, wiped out, and glad I had nowhere to be.

However, I had an evening engagement, the Succor Soiree, an event for the Union Project to raise some money (they always raise money by eating and drinking...). And Sally encouraged me to go, esp. when I told her I hadn't been out all day AND I have a zero balance on one of my credit cards. (I got them to take the 50 cent balance to zero.)

And while I was there, talking with some old friends, sharing about how life is and my dreams, I was not sick. I felt wonderful, and people told me I looked wonderful, people were glad to see me and I felt great.

The minute I walked out the door, I was exhausted.

But that's okay. Because for an hour and a half or so, I felt wonderful.




cuileann said...

Oh goodness, I know exactly how that works! Well, I don't know how it works, but I've definitely experienced that. :)

Oh, and if you'd been wondering who I was, I stumbled across your blog after a google search. Forget what for. Heh.

Sarah Louise said...


back when I had a site meter, I was astounded at how many hits I got because of google searches.