Monday, March 17, 2008

the lost morning...or where did all the minutes go?

So I was supposed to have this work meeting this morning. On my day off. And I was well, whatever. But then it was canceled, at the last minute. So I got online.

Three hours later...these are the things that ate my minutes:

Thanks to an email from Women's Wall Street, Daily Cents,

....I discovered a new women's site, Women on the Web (WOW). adding it to, I found some articles about it. Which took me to a blog about social networking, and I found myself...

...watching an interview with the creator of Facebook.

....which was like an hour long. I find these things fascinating, and even more fascinating that I find them fascinating...

I went onto Facebook, read some friend's notes, which led me to... about the Library Journal Movers and Shakers.

I am updating my Java patches.

I have showcased my Facebook house and won some, lost some. Oh, and bought another flamingo.

I played a few turns on Scramble.

I started a new blog, which will be my professional place, me writing about stuff concerning writing and librarianship. It's still in the very experimental phases. (As in, I have a tiny first post and a blogroll.)

But to give you something, an accomplishment worthy of blogginess, something to make you glad you came over here to say hi, I came up with a great movie plot, thanks to the Official Movie Plot Generator. (Yes, while I'm waiting for Java, I actually stepped away from the screen to pick up a BOOK.)

So here goes. I think it will be a blockbuster hit.

A Fraternity of lovable slobs, misfits and drunks
Hit the Karaoke Circuit
In the Feel-Good Comedy of the year.

Now, wasn't that worth clicking over here? (No hate mail in the comments, please!)

In other news, I fell asleep with my glasses on yesterday afternoon and now they fit wonky. I wore contacts to church last night and got the usual "Did you get your haircut" comment.

And I bet you're happy to know (aren't you just jumping up and down) that my Java update is now complete. So I guess this morning wasn't a total loss...

Which leads us back to two posts ago, WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE???


Sarah O. said...

The internet sure can eat up our lives but who cares? It's the best invention ever and keeps us better informed than anyone else in history.

At least that's what I tell myself when I should be at the gym.

cuileann said...

Argh...the internet. As my government teacher said, where normal hours have sixty minutes in them, internet hours contain about seventeen minutes.

I have no idea what I'm doing with my life either, but then again, I am a college freshman.

Sarah Louise said...

17 minutes? yeah, that's about right, EXCEPT when you're watching an interview with Mark Zuckerman on a tiny screen. That hour was a full 60 minutes. (Yet, I watched, and learned quite a bit.)