Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back to work...

So yes, my schedule is Tuesday-Saturday, so today would be like your Monday, if you are most people in the working world. I generally attend a Women's Bible Study (which is what we call it, hence the caps, WBS for short) on Tuesday mornings, but today I feared I would go nuts if I tried that, as at 11 a.m. I have a therapy session and from noon to four I have a work "retreat." (Um, the only "retreat"-ish thing about it is that we will be off site. It's to talk about strategic long term planning. Our library turns 40 this year in October, so the board has decided that it's time to get serious. Or something. Anyways. I figured my introvert sirens would be going at full blast anyways by the time we hit four o'clock, so to add going to WBS (which I'd be leaving early anyways, b/c of therapy...) (This, the last month of seeing my therapist, I have had to change days because she's not available on Mondays, except for our last session.) (Looking at this paragraph, I realize an English teacher would make it bleed. Which is why I'm not an English teacher. Which is why this is MY blog.)

So. I woke up at 5 am feeling feverish. I stumbled to the loo, stumbled back to bed, at some point stripping off the socks I'd been wearing. I figured a) I might sleep off the fever and b) I was not in a clear enough mind to find the thermometer, much less take my temperature. So I went back to bed. And when I woke up, I felt less feverish but more congested, still with the slight sore throat...and I'm a little disappointed that I don't have a fever... but it is completely possible that I will use some of my accumulated comp time as a sick "rest of the" day after the "retreat."

Pause for phone call from Dad. He and I are often each other's "internet librarians," so I'm off to find the phone number of a chiropractor/physical therapist I used when I lived in Virginia with them. Generally, the conversation starts with "are you by your computer?" The good news is my dad went to the bone doctor this morning, no longer has to wear the sling, which he referred to as a "noose" in our short (for us) conversation. There were conversational alleys I could have veered us onto but didn't because I still have much to do this morning. It is a treat though, that I enjoy talking to my father, that I'm related to this interesting and fun man.


Am generally amazed at how easy Google searches are. In library school, I had an entire class on "Retrieving Information" and the professor, was he ever CUTE. Sigh. But as a children's librarian at my library,* I rarely have to do searches involving online subscription journals--my dad as a library patron is more well versed in those than I (and his library has a much better online selection than ours...). So my "online retrieval skills" are not the best beyond "look up a phone number," but I'm really good at that one retrieval type. I sometimes fill in at the adult reference desk when Adult Services has their monthly meeting and some of the questions they get...gah!

Well, it is the 10 o'clock hour, so to fit in a shower etc., I must bid you, dear reader, adieu. (Which makes me think of The Sound of Music but I mustn't down any blog-writing alleys either.




*reference work varies from library to library. Our patrons don't ask a lot of questions beyond "I'm looking for books about...." but I can't be so narrow as to say that exemplifies ALL children's reference work.

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Amy A. said...

Hope you feel better soon! Good job finding that phone number. :)