Sunday, September 30, 2007

I always thought Paradise would be a library (Jorge Luise Borges)

Amy A. requested the poem on the DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification.) I think she's referring to this post, which takes the caveman's pov. I've seen it done as the alien's pov too.

100 Who am I?
200 Where did I come from?
300 Who are these people around me?
400 How can I communicate with them?
500 What is nature?
600 What can I do with nature?
700 What can I do in my leisure time?
800 How can I pass on the great stories to my children?
900 How can I leave a record for men in the future?
000 What do I do with weird stuff like the Guinness book, books about books, etc.?

Harry (the cold) is back. Mostly I've been fighting him by sleeping AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Although yesterday the National Book Festival (I drove down to DC Friday with two local librarians) took precedence (heard Ashley Bryan, Diane Ackerman, some other folks). Today I drove back with the two lovely librarians that accompanied me. Towards the end of the drive, I was interviewing them on ANYTHING, just to keep the conversation going, I needed to stay awake. When I got home, Max called, said, ya gonna take a nap? Guiltily, I said yep. Good, said he. Me too. (Yes, we both have colds.) Happy four months, ka-choo!

Tonight was the goodbye party for Dave who has pastored Bellefield for seven years. WOW. Can you feel the love tonight--it was a love fest with lots of good desserts.

Off to catch a cat nap before Max gets home--hold the phone that was him saying he'll be here in a half hour. I think maybe he missed me. (Calling to say he's on his way, he'll be there in a half hour--it's unprecedented, but I like it.)

More on the NBF later. Cat nap!!


Amy A. said...

Thank you, sweetie-pie.

Kick that cold.

Iamthebookworm said...

That has got to be the best summary of dewey that I have ever seen! Feel better.