Wednesday, September 12, 2007

still learning...

From Babs, I have learned that you can still be friends with someone and really not get at all the books that they love. (Although I LOVE Alexander and the horrible, very bad day.)

Yesterday, I learned that you can love the work of a writer but be totally not into the books that they love.

So today, on the way to work, I'll try the audio to Winesburg, Ohio, one I picked out MYSELF.

But first, some breakfast. Speaking of breaking fast, bobbie has started a very interesting blogversation on the Eucharist/Communion and specifically the idea of Jesus as the bread of life. She started it with a reference to Coffee Talk*--I never watched SNL in the Mike Myers days (well, I saw wayne's world once or twice) but have always heard references in conversations: discuss amongst yourselves!

* I heart wikipedia!!


Badger said...

I have a copy of Winesburg, Ohio and have never read it! I should dig it out one of these days. I'm in a total reading slump lately (re-reading Madeleine L'Engle's A Circle of Quiet but very slowly and casually).

Amy A. said...

I am always reluctant to recommend books and movies. It sometimes hurts my feelings if my friends don't love something as much as I do, or I re-think why I liked something in the first place.

Sarah Louise said...

Winesburg is um, interesting. Not my typical read, but that's why I love audio.

I used to worry about recommending--now I don't, b/c there is NO accounting for taste.