Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Links R US, n'at

Until I figure out how to use my account, this is where I park interesting links:

20 great online references from

Today was the first Mother Goose of the season, and I had a woman who actually used to live in Baltimore and attended Betsy Diamant-Cohen's programs, Betsy who concieved the program format that I use.

A few tips on how to use your local library... from Gather No Dust, a library manager blog.

Here's a favorite: the Wayback Machine, AKA, the Internet Archive. I think you can look up what the White House website looked like in the Clinton/Gore administration (right, back when Gore invented the web...) Remember,, NOT .com!!* (Not all the links work, of course, but it's still cool to look at.)

I love the USA Today 25 things list--this one focuses on, yes, class? You guessed it, our topic of the day...the Internet. Here's their list of most memorable quotes. The list doesn't reflect ones that I most remember, but hey, it's their list.

(I looked at a coupla other lists and now my eyes are tired...)


In other news, (the news I'm being vague about) the news is good. We are not out of the woods, but we have a very good map. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and I'll keep you vaguely up to date.

* is a porn site.

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