Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday's child is full of woe...

Well, I was a Sunday's child, but this week has already driven me to want to drink...heavily.

Let's see, we had two engagements on Friday, plus a wedding. (But one of those "engagements" was swimming, so...) Saturday, work. I came home and tried to watch Volver, but I was too tired to keep up with the subtitles. (And I used to be FLUENT in Spanish.) Sunday was a delight--a day at the Frick. Monday--four doctors which included a dentist. Tuesday (was that only yesterday?) I made reservations, I called in prescriptions, I forgot to call someone, I talked to friends and friends, and I got a book from Babelbabe. (Footprints of a Pilgrim--the poetry and life of Ruth Bell Graham) Plus, it rained and stopped raining and then poured and then just rained.

And that's just the hightlights (well, maybe you can pick out some lowlights...)

Observation: the audio to the book Freaky Friday is AMAZING!
Observation: it feels so good to reunite with old friends.
Observation: yahoo! mail is often slow. NH Sally sent me an email around 7 last night and I didn't get it until 7 this morning!! (when it was too late, as she is on her way to Michigan) I'm considering switching all my email over to gmail. (let's see, right now I have two Gmails, one work email, and one Yahoo!...four email addresses is better than some folks I know.)
Observation: I LOVE the book Babs got me.

Here's a quote from Ruth Bell Graham that I have always loved. It certainly is true of my parent's marriage: "If two people agree on of them is unnecessary."

Today the sky is blue. Not a cloud in sight. Who will buy this wonderful morning? (from Oliver! the only musical I actually performed in.) (in which I actually performed??)

Must go to work.


Eileen said...

Observation: If you had been on CMU's campus yesterday evening you would have seen a bunch of crazy people playing soccer in the rain, lightning, thunder, and POURING rain...

Observation: you would have seen me playing - having a blast and getting absolutely soaked...

:o) Yay for downpours and the sunny gorgeous day afterwards!

Caro said...

I loved the movie Oliver.

We saw it every year in school.