Friday, June 15, 2007

The Summer of 97: Walks, Dollar movies, and Highland Park: or Sarah Louise and the best things in life (and Pittsburgh) are free

Last summer, Loretta instituted List Fridays. They sort of died out, but I'm all for bringing them back. (I'd link her, but her site is taking like five minutes to load today...)

So it's truly bizarre to think that Toot and Puddle is ten years old. Wow. But it gives me a milestone, as Mr. Ten Years Ago was the one who convinced me it was a great book.

The summer of ninety-seven, he was studying for the qualifying exams for his Ph.D. We had broken up in April, but we were back together by July 4th, and there it was: he had no time (he was studying for the exams) and no cash (he was studying for the exams).

It was the best summer ever.

We had a standing Saturday or Sunday "date" which was often just a walk around Highland Park. We were pretty boring--We'd walk up Jackson, maybe go around the reservoir, and down Highland Avenue. None of this "which way shall we go?" which I personally find very fun.

Every once in a while we'd go see a dollar movie. I think we went to see whichever Batman movie was out.

So, honor of the best summer ever (and Mr. Ten Years Ago, who is happily married and the father of a son) here's another Sarah Louise List.

Free or almost free things to do in Pittsburgh in the summer.

1. Take a walk in Highland Park. Optional: take a penny, and make it a "Penny Walk." At every intersection you drop a penny, and heads is right, tails is left. (I read about it in a book once.)

2. The Three Rivers Arts Festival. I haven't been in YEARS, and this is the last weekend. Maybe Saturday night. (I have the wedding Friday.) Just checked the schedule and Ricky Lee Jones is playing at 6! I suppose if I drove straight from work... well, special guest Lohio--that usually means "opening act," huh. So I could drive home, take the bus down...

3. The Frick Art Museum. Now, I myself love the Carnegie. But if you drive, you have to pay for parking AND a ticket in to the museum. Plus, they took my favorite painting down years ago. The Frick Art Museum is a sweet little art museum with a permanent collection and traveling exhibits.

4. Bach, Beethoven, and Brunch--Mellon Park Rose Garden. Sundays, 10:30 to noon, starting June 17 through August 12. I've never been, because, well, church is Sunday morning. But, hey, I go to church in the evening, so maybe I'll try this out.

5. Cinema in the Park. I love going to Flagstaff. But you can go to movies seven days a week, check it out!

Now, of course, this weekend is Father's Day, but that sort of was off my radar, since we're doing the whole "Celebrate Dad's Birthday and go to Montana" trip. His birthday is the 20th, so in my mind, Father's Day always gets smushed into Dad's Birthday. It's Friday and I still don't have a card for dear old Dad. But hey, it's 8:30 am and I still don't have a gift for the wedding at 5:30! Last month for J&A's wedding, I worked at the library in the morning, ran to Target, perused J&A's registry, found some wrapping paper, and a card. At the register, I confessed that the wedding was a scant hour and a half away. The cashier gave me some grace. "If it weren't for the last minute, I'd never get anything done." Yep, that's me. K&C are registered at Bed Bath and Beyond, so I'll head over to Waterworks this morning.

I guess I'll get on that. Later Babs and I are going SWIMMING! Lunch is with a high school friend who is a prof at CMU.


KitchenKiki said...

Hmmm, can't copy this because I pretty much did when you had your "Under $10" post a couple weeks ago. Oh well, I really need to work in the garden. And make dinner. possibly both at the same time! (you know I will...)

paula said...

Have fun at the pool!

Sarah Louise said...

The pool was very cool. Primo, the six year old tyrant, and I raced in the kids pool. I won twice.