Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sarah Louise writes about libraries n'at

Well, every once in a while, I visit the library blogs. It's like once in a very blue moon, but today being what it is -- CRAZY, I am sitting at the desk and I can justify not working on my upcoming programs since I've done that all day, piecemeal in between desk duty.

So what do the librarian bloggers have to say? First I went to Feel Good Librarian. I luff her. She is so customer oriented and nice and, well, feel good-y. She doesn't post too often, so I rarely get the pleasure of three posts I haven't read when I click on her link.

Then I went to the Doyenne of Librarian Blogs,, Jessamyn West's blog. She has a great post on Social Networking, with an accompanying five slides. I love her last sentence:

"A lot of the print materials I’ve come across err on the side of caution which is not a bad idea but often there’s no “Hey you really SHOULD try this” counterpoint. I hope I was able to offer that somewhat."

Since JW is the one who pushed me in the direction of blogging, I commented, of course.

Tasha, over at Kids Lit is one of the first "kids librarian bloggers" I found. I don't visit her as often as I used to, but this past week (or was it last?) I sat and left her a ton of comments. She's a reviewer, so often gets books before we do. She recently reviewed I'm the biggest thing in the ocean, which I had flipped through the other day and loved. I commented, of course.

Fuse #8 Productions posts almost every day and long and I can't keep up. But she linked to a post from Fugly about Hermione (Emma Granger) which linked to a post about Rupert Grint getting a Howler about what he wore to the HP Premiere.

Click, your time is up. Okay, another day, another dollar.


Anonymous said...

Actually, that picture is of Rupert at yesterday's Fantastic 4 premiere in London. Not Harry Potter. I loved how he looked by the way :)

Sarah Louise said...

Well, he looked good, but to a premiere?? Is he going for the "bad boy" look? I mean, you wouldn't go to a wedding dressed like that, or the symphony. I would think a premiere is in that category of dressiness unless your point is "I don't care."


SneakyPeek said...

I loved reading the links.

What an excellent source of information you are SL.


Sarah Louise said...

Aw, shucks, yer gonna make me blush...