Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Moments in librarianship (another in a series)

(This conversation has been abridged)

Boy 1:
I'm looking for a book

Sarah Louise (thinking in her head, well, you came to the right place!) What's the book called?

Boy 1: Final Strike.

Sarah Louise (silent, as she looks up book, doesn't find it in catalog, searches Amazon.) What's the author's name?

Boy 1: Erik Ngoobly gook. He spells it with a K.

Sarah Louise: (not finding it, trying to buy time) Strike, as in (pretends to swing a bat)?

Boy 1: Yeah.

Sarah Louise: Final Strike, by Pendleton? (She turns the computer screen so Boy 1 can see the cover on Amazon.)

Boy 1: No.

Sarah Louise: (still not finding anything.) Spell the author's name, please.

Boy 1: N-y-l-u-n-d.

Sarah Louise (to herself, Eric, with a C?) (finds author, but not book in question, though there is a book called First Strike.) I'm sorry, it's not in our system. (looks again in Amazon, but Eric with a c is very prolific.)


Boy 1: I found it on the computer back there (points to catalog opac).


The rest is too painful and it would take too long to transcribe. The book he was looking for was FIRST Strike. My boss, who sat there the entire time I was going through this arduous process, later agreed with my thinking that if there was a book called First Strike, there MIGHT be one called Final Strike. (Otherwise, it would have been a MUCH shorter reference interview.)

Oh, and when I finally found it on the patron-view of our catalog, I clearly read the words "Checked out." Boy 1 resisted at first putting it on hold (typical male teen behavior, but Boy 2 handed over a library card.) Was I ever glad when they stepped away from my desk!!!!!

By the way, Boy 2 was wearing a shirt with a tear in the front. How did he get out of the house like that?

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nutmeg said...

Whatever it was First or Final - you did a good job SL of not Striking him!