Sunday, November 02, 2008

testing 123

So this is a test. I'm trying out the "Blog This!" feature on Picasa. A woman I work with who I think could truly exist in the wilderness as a pioneer woman (is there nothing she can't do?) made this bumper sticker. I'm a weinie when it comes to bumper stickers--I guess I'm more like my mom than I think I am (the woman who won't tell you who she votes for, even if it's so obvious.) My dad doesn't believe in bumper stickers, which I think is why my brother put tons on the car he drove in college. I'm in the middle. I had a bunch on Melody (the Geo Prizm I had before Lucy) but none on Lucy. I felt like Lucy wasn't long for this world, like she was a car that had my liscence plates, not "my car." And since I've had Elliot (the blue grey Chevy Cobalt) I haven't run up against any bumper stickers. (Except for the political ones, and well, like I said, I'm not that kind of gal.)

Okay, I'm gonna try to bring in the rest of the pictures I took today.
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