Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LOL and LMHO n'at

(LOL=laughing out loud. LMHO=laughing my head off, created by me because I don't think of my ass when I laugh--LMAO doesn't make sense to me.)

I've started laughing again. Last night, I laughed while watching some Season 1 SATC. This morning, I laughed when I got snow down my coat as I swept snow off my car with the broom I'd used to sweep the path and the stoop. (What do you call the sidewalk up to your house? Sidewalk seems like a wrong word for it, so I've adopted path, even though that makes it sound like I live in the country.)

I love to laugh. Life is good. I'm about to watch Beth Moore Session 8, and then around 9:30 I'll go to Bellefield to watch Beth Moore Session 9. Ah. Yes. The game of catch up. But Beth Moore is funny, so I wager I'll be laughing some more.

Later, gators!

(Oh, and thank you, all of you, for the lovely pre-birthday wishes--even the ones who thought they were late were early, since my birthday is the day after Thanksgiving, a day I hope to be near no computers.)

In a while, crocodile!


Badger said...

We've always called that the "front walk", but that implies that there's a back walk, which there usually isn't. I like path. Beating a path to your door, etc.

KitchenKiki said...

I think growing up it was the front walk, now it is the front stairs or front porch stairs. I'm glad you are laughing at the snow, I was just happy that it didn't show up here!

Katy said...

I too call it the front walk, or at my parents house, where the path/walk also goes up and around a hill, it is the "front steps". They are not stairs for the most part, but a series of longer platforms or terraces with some sections with more stair-like proportions. And there are back steps as well.

I like path as well, but in my experience (aka my parents' house in MN) the paths are the tracks through the woods and various unpaved areas. So we have walks, paths and steps. Oh, and decks, driveways, parking spaces and hills to designate various places one might be outside the house and in the neighborhood. (Most houses have such steep, narrow drives that there are bigger open areas at the garage end and parking spaces at the street-end for dealing with turning around, snow and overflow visitors)

I'm done rambling now. Super Happy Birthday. I shall find something to post at your party post soon.

cuileann said...

LMHO definitely makes more sense to me.