Friday, November 14, 2008

"Once upon a time there was a girl who didn't grow up to be queen but grew up to be a princess."


So I'm still reading Connally's book. And loving it.

And an interesting thing has happened. While at the beginning of the week I was all fretty and "no one's going to come to my party" now I have TWO parties to hostess, one here (tomorrow, picture montage, you bring a quote or a book rec.) and one at a nearby bistro. I love that word, bistro. I'm swimming in RSVPs, for both parties tomorrow!!

Last night after work, I went over to share the spoils of a catered lunch with a friend who in my mind should be named Danielle (not her name, but it will fit for here). So I have Mexican food for lunch someday soon, probably tomorrow. (Today I'm throwing caution to the wind--I have soup in my locker if Marian the Librarian is busy.) So Danielle offered me a beer and I was actually hanging out with a friend on a weeknight, and it wasn't something planned in advance!

Tonight I'm getting my hair trimmed. By a guy. My hair place has never had a guy, but he happened to be the available person at 6:10 tonight, so there you go.

In other news, we increased the meds this morning. Oh to have energy to do more than plan a party! There's always a risk, (that I'll flip in to hypo-manic, which means "on my way to manic") but we'll be watching carefully. I think (I know) I am very fortunate to have a psychiatrist team that believes in email.

And my alarm (my cell phone) which I've been "snoozing" since 7:15, is about to tell me "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, GO TO WORK."

One more thing, though. Yesterday I only had my lady psychiatrist. (My team is Iz and Dr. F, and Dr. F. was off on an emergency.) And I told her how I don't get up to walk because I get up to check my email in the morning because I'm single, and I need a connection in the morning. And she said, well, it seems like you enjoy that, that's good, is there another time you can walk? And it was like a Carrie moment. Stay with me. One of the rules of SATC is that if you say "I'm the best"or "I'm set for life" you are headed for a "cream pie" or a disaster. Another rule is that if you say "I need something" often you find that you need it a little less. I'm not saying I went for a walk today, but I thought, oh, if Iz thinks it's okay that I go online in the morning, then maybe I don't need it as much. (There's the alarm.)

A few morning thoughts...from a princess. Now I gotta throw on some clothes (don't look at me like that, I'm wearing my white robe right now) and off to work.

See you tomorrow!


daysgoby said...

I really like that!

And you are a princess, you know.

(My grandmother used to tell me that. She was convinced that all women should remember that. That no matter what happens, we all have the ability to be a princess.)

daysgoby said...

And no, I didn't change my blog name! (Just the tagline. It's a temporary thing.)

And my avatar - which i will change now because - ew...a snake??
is a close up of my lelliphant.