Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sarah Louise walks down Ellesworth n'at

Okay, um, the first thing I notice is that there are only 4 photos here. You are getting the play by play as I learn to do this, and yes, I know Flickr is amazing, I'll try that NEXT weekend. For now, we're playing around with Picasa.

So this is a cataloger's joke, sort of. At my library, we do what is called "descriptive cataloging" which means we describe what is on the title page. I think there are other types, but since I never thought I'd be a cataloger, I am only aware of what we do. So Paul O. Zelinsky, who did the pop-up book of "The Wheels on the Bus" has done a pop-up book of "This old man," called Knick Knack Paddywhack. (It's from 2002.) And this is the title page (minus the title) and the t.p. verso. I never have seen a pop-up book actually make the t.p. verso information interesting.

This is my calendar. Monday says: GO TO BED! Tuesday says GET UP 5 AM. Wednesday says Whatever. He rules. (Which is my reminder that whatever the outcome, I am a citizen first of God's kingdom, not the United States of America. (Corny, yes, but that's me. I'm corny.) I've never voted for someone who lost before, and I have no idea if I will have this time, but this time I care more than other times, having first switched viewpoints, then candidates before the primary, and now having supported one guy up 'til now. I voted absentee on Tuesday past, since we expect high voter turnout. I usually can slip away to the poll that I vote at (.5 miles away from where I work the polls) but would rather not have to worry about that this time.

This is the first Ellesworth picture, of the stairs of a residence. I just love the leaves. You can barely see that the sidewalk is brick at this point and there is a flier on the third step up for a pizza place.

I adore letters. Real postal mail, from someone I love, makes me dance the Snoopy Dance. So this letter slot, on the door of an antique store on Ellesworth, was surely one to take a picture of. I took two and was not able to center either one, but I'm not trying to be Ansel Adams here.

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