Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sarah Louise walks down Ellesworth part deux

So this is a coat from Kaufmann's, a store that no longer exists. It was swallowed up into Macy's. So this coat is a piece of Pittsburgh History. Hey Betty. I asked the guy who was working there if I could take this picture, saying I'm such a Pittsburgh sentimentalist. In high school, a friend of mine's mom was a seamstress for Raleigh's, a department store in the D.C. area. There just aren't department stores like that anymore, where items are made with the store label.

In front of an orthodontist. (Across the street from the Vet hospital.)

So this is one of the shots I took of the Veterinary Hospital. The other shot has a window that says "meow." Too cute for words.
I liked this window. Eons.

After lying comatose in front of the TV all morning, I finally got myself out and went to the Elbow Room for lunch. Then I remembered that Katy suggested I take a walk, and so I did. These pictures and the ones in the next (or previous, depending on your outlook) are the result. It felt really good to be out and about, just window shopping.
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