Friday, October 10, 2008

Twitter meme--6 things

hmmm...I have to post six things that I've never revealed on this blog and then tag six people. Darn that Dani... I'm pretty much an open book (except for when I'm closed tight), so I can't imagine there are six things...but we'll give it a shot.

1. I love pineapple upside down cake. I had some last night due to the birthday of a friend's son. (I literally did a word search on my blog for pineapple to see if I'd ever mentioned that.)

2. I'm allergic to ragweed. Which is in the chamomile family. Which is related to Echinacea. Early in the days when Echinacea became popular (the late 90s), I had a cold and bought something at the health food store that had Echinacea in it. My throat almost closed up. Fortunately I worked in a bookstore, and we found an herb book and looked up the ingredients and found out the problem. This discovery made me realize why I had always hated chamomile tea. It always made my throat scratchy.

3. I hit a co-worker once. I also hit my brother once. Both of these events happened around ten years ago. People that know me cannot believe this, as I am fairly docile and not apt to fly into a rage (of the sort that would cause one to hit another person.) Both times, I was able to patch things up. End of story.

4. I do not like tea that is so sour that it requires you to add a lot of sugar: Raspberry tea if you get it at Tazza D'Oro, or the Cranberry Apple tea that is in our stash at work. I really like peppermint tea, especially because my brother recommends it if you are not feeling well. (Also, you don't need My brother is a tea connoisseur.

5. Two more! Ummm. I hate the book The Giver. I know, it's so brilliant, blah blah. I just don't like it. I like Lowry's other books, though.

6. Last one! When I was a senior in high school, I got a perm. One of my friends in college "refreshed" it in our dorm bathroom when I was a freshman. At the time, my hair was shoulder length. (I suppose now you'll be wanting pictures...)

Okay, now to tag 6 folks that haven't done this...

1. @alyssacreasy at life on rural street
2. @badgermeetswrld at badger meets world
3. @bibliophile81 at a work in progress
4. @cuileann at the holly and the ivy (except it seems maybe she stopped twittering...)
5. @schmutzie at milk money or not, here I come
6. @amydi143 at pretty shiny

Off to tag folks...


Dani said...

#2 - I had no idea! Learn something new ever day.

#3 - I am now officially afraid of you. ;)

#6 - Oh yes. You know it!

Thanks for playing. You're a good egg. :)

cuileann said...

:I'm pretty much an open book (except for when I'm closed tight):
Ha! :)

Tag received! I'll do this sometime soon. And yeah, I did say no to Twitter after was like crack for my internet-addicted procrastinator self.

Sarah Louise said...

@dani--re #3: Wow, I'm honored. I don't think anyone else is scared of me.

re:#6 Pictures won't be any time soon--my scanner and my computer aren't talking to each other.

@cuileann -- sorry that you stopped twitter. But I understand. Hee about my comment, huh.

Thanks for commenting!