Saturday, October 11, 2008

Broken things...

I'm a little late to work. I start the car, the radio comes on--strange, I was listening to a CD. I try to switch it to the CD and the display says LOCK. The book in the glove box says take it to a GM dealer and for once I do so. I call in late to work (I know, I know, it was a stupid radio, let's not go there...) So I spend an hour before work and $30. I drive to work, put a lot of records in the catalog (including 3 CD-ROMs!)

[The span of 7 hours go by.]

I come out of work, start the car, radio comes on, and I try for the CD and AGAIN with the LOCK on the display! This time, my brain remembers something, and realizes that the first time this happened (not this morning, but shortly after I got Elliot, the stealth blue Cobalt) was when the temperature abruptly changed from cool to warm. Yes, my CD player gets cranky in the heat. Great.

By the time I was 10 minutes into my drive home, the radio worked. I think I'll wait to finish my audio book when the weather turns cold again.

(Did I mention I live in a third floor walk-up?) (Yes, it was warm when I entered the abode after a hard day at work.) (Thankfully the a/c units are still in, I put them both on Fan.)

First movie: Friends with Money. I should always be suspicious when a movie says it opened at a Film Festival (unless it is Little Miss Sunshine.) This was the "Good Girl" Jennifer Aniston, not the "Friends" Aniston. I made it for about 20 minutes until the point where her blind date is trying to help her clean out a client's refrigerator. (Her character, Olivia, was a pot-smoking maid.) It was too horrible to continue.

Oh, did I mention the book I spent my last dollar* on yesterday in the book nook died on page 56 over lunch today when I realized the woman power was going a little, earthy for me. Besides, I could already figure out who she was marrying, the plot was soooo see through. No, because then you'll want to read it. It's not worth it. And if I do mention it, the author will google herself and she'll see I didn't like it...I am too nice sometimes to be a good blogger of the Badger, Babelbabe, Poppy genre. Sorry, gals, to disappoint.

Let's as soon as I killed Friends with Money (ejected it from the DVD player, no real violence, it belongs to the library), I put in Bring it On, a movie I'd been wanting to see for a while. I shouldn't have waited so long. The library copy must have been in a contest for the most scratches. And the thing was, it was a good movie. I wanted to watch it, so I tried my darnedest. But it would play a scene (great, great!) and then it would freeze frame (no, no, no!). I think I might have given it 45 minutes. I'll send a note with it when I return it, and maybe our librarian that deals with DVDs can resurface it with the fancy machine that's in his office. It runs on electricity and distilled water.

I, these days, run on Emergen-C, Corasedin, Sudafed, episodes of SATC, and lots and lots of peppermint tea. Oh, and sleep. I think I hear my bed calling me. I'm hoping this cold goes away SOON.

In case I don't post until Tuesday, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving and Columbus Day (or whatever the PC name is now.)

And for the record, I did some dishes tonight. Not all of them, but some. It's progress.

*not my last dollar, but the last dollar I had allotted for frivolous purchases such as Book Nook coffee and paperback novels.

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daysgoby said...

peanut butter and a soft cloth! Wipe it on, buff works with music CDs...