Monday, August 11, 2008

changing slowly...

So, um, as you may have noticed, not much has changed 'round here. I'm thinking, but not ready to do the deed.

But in other news, I created 4 bags of recycled paper yesterday (and that's not counting all the paper that is on the way to the shredder.) I'm ready for a break, maybe I'll drive over to the paper recycling boxes at the Union Project, get a cookie or something, and drive over to Goodwill to drop off the four or so bags that are going there.

And pictures. I really owe yins some pictures. Well, I suppose I could give you a few now. (You'd like that, wouldn't you?)

Roses from Sally's back yard.

Tiger Lilies from...somewhere in Pittsburgh. I think the Union Project.

Did I ever do a "Yellowstone Park/Montana" post? I should...These are from Jenny Lake.

These are from Yellowstone Park. Yes, we got a bear shaped soap when we stayed in the Park.

Old Faithful.

More to come, I promise!


cuileann said...

I love making piles of to-recycle.

Cookie? I'm making chocolate/chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes right now. Wish I could send you one!

Badger said...

Are those actual Polaroids or some sort of nifty photo software deal? Either way, I love those images and how they're all stacked/overlapping like that!

Sarah Louise said...

Badger, they are the genius of Picasa (Google pictures software.) I imagine you got my Twitter on that by now, though.



and yes, Cuileann, I will always take cookies. The virtual ones have no calories, I've been told.