Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today in Twitters, n'at

I just wrote a "kitchen sink" post (everything but...) that I'd like to polish up, but I want something new up, so I'm looking at what I did today based on my Tweets.

  • encouraged our Moderator that he is not alone, I don't watch Lost either. (It's good to know I'm not the only one.)
  • I seriously need to read the Conspiracy of something by Dallas Willard. Everybody has read it. One of my twitter friends is about to read it for the 7th time.
  • Alyssa and I are both cranky. She's probably crankier than I, though, as I only had myself to care for today, and she always has two kids and a hubbie, and now, two dogs.
  • Due to my cold/malaise/whatever, I slept from 11 am to 3pm.
  • I purged some folks, added some folks, ended up with the exact same number of people I "follow."
I also wrote some emails, answered some emails, and put some on the back burner. Marian the Librarian is under the weather again and I miss her!!

I watched this Hungarian movie again. I watched it yesterday before work. The title is Just Sex and nothing else, (Variety review). The title refers to the fact that Dora, the protagonist, just wants a baby. She doesn't want to have to deal with men anymore, hence the title. Just enough sex to get me pregnant and then goodbye. Which gets her into a mess of comedic relationships. Since it's in Hungarian, you have to watch the entire thing, reading the subtitles. Glad that I watched it a second time, some things made more sense (because if you miss a subtitle, well, you may miss a crucial detail.) It is a luscious movie: Central European architecture, lush interiors, the characters, the actors, it's a fun movie. A visual treat. It makes me want to learn Hungarian, because I can tell there is so much lost in translation. But what IS translated is great. Let's see if I can find another review. It reminded me of SATC, the same themes of what is a 30 something woman to do if she wants to settle down? Here's another review. I love that the librarian that buys movies at our library has a real eye for the odd-ball movies. Another one that I loved recently was Broken English with Parker Posey. But I'm tired now, and it's 10:30. And I have the faint suspicion I already told you about Broken English.

Tomorrow is my ACTUAL day off, as opposed to a sick day. I have 2 dr. appointments, but then the day is mine--maybe I'll catch an afternoon movie...


KitchenKiki said...

I recently watched "The Visitor" and thought that was a really good movie. The guy from that show is really good! (I know the lead is from a series on HBO or Showtime, but since I don't have either I get confused. And I don't watch Lost either)

HP & I are thinking of splurging to see "Slumdog Millionaire", and I may pop in to see "I've Loved You So Long," it is playing at the GW (arts center where I work) and I can get in for free.

Enjoy your day off. I'm contemplating making bread today & I think I had too much coffee, cause I'm a little (? a Lot) rambley.

Have a great day

cuileann said...

I am going to have to track that movie down.

I don't watch Lost either.

Helen said...

I remember the *old days* when I would come to this site and find a new, entertaining, witty, endearing post! WAH!!! Woe is me.... Where is that sneaker woman?

Sarah Louise said...


I have gotten too busy. I need to fix that. Thanks for reminding me of what I used to be.