Thursday, February 19, 2009

This blog hasn't died, I promise

Helen just commented that she misses "new" content. I miss it too. In many ways, Twitter has become my blog, but in other ways, I am busiest now than I have ever ever been in my professional life.

I'm working on corralling the North region to choose Summer Reading programming--in a meeting that was an hour and a half, I still have to make phone calls!

I'm working on this project that was started in New England. I'm nuts. I have never planned anything bigger than my own birthday party and three Stuffed Animal Sleepovers. I actually have to go real soon and meet with a woman at Borders. And I have NOTHING to hand her, partially b/c we have nothing on paper... (look at the links.)

I am behind in that I promised Mitali Perkins I would review her new book, Secret Keeper. Tuesday, when I tried to compose myself and make some notes at my favorite bistro, the waiter was hitting on me, so I left as soon as I could. Drat.

The cat lady on the second floor has been of concern--the smell is sometimes in my own apartment and I have threatened my landlord that I'm considering moving.

The depression I had a week ago threw me for a major loop. But it only lasted about a week, YAY!

I'm feeling less connected to blogs because it's not where my friends are, so much. My friends are on Face Book or Twitter. I miss getting comments, which could be because I'm not writing.

I'm considering visiting my mom for her birthday next weekend. It might be a better on the bus trip, as I'm Tired.

I don't think this winter is too long. (I've been hearing this a lot lately.) If I haven't gone ice skating, winter can't be over yet.

I will work on being more witty n'at. Here, have a cookie. Have two.


KitchenKiki said...

hmmmm is that why you don't visit other blogs too :( (kidding, I haven't been real prolific lately, but I do have some pottery pics up)

good luck with your project. I promise event planning isn't terrible. Make lists & take notes. Keep them together in a separate little notebook just for that project (if this is a continuing project, it is nice when you can keep the notebook and refer back in the future)

Helen said...

Oh... I didn't write that to make you feel bad! It is really good to be involved in things. It is very good to be living a real life and not just a virtual one, right? God bless you!

Sis said...

Yay! You're back!
Have fun planning your project-you'll be great!!

elena jane said...

i hate not getting comments too...i guess we're all about feedback...interesting cos i always think it's just me! :)