Sunday, July 14, 2013

Some stuff I found this week...


I need to keep my stuff in a better place than Facebook, Twitter, and (used to) on Delicious.

This was a really good reminder: "stop writing meaningful things on Facebook."

Also, a friend of mine was looking for something I posted. I'm hoping perhaps I actually sent it in an email.

This is something I read about "Women's Pages." Medium is becoming one of my favorite places.


"[Tootsie] was never a comedy for me." Dustin Hoffman in AFI video:

A notebook company that has a blog about people that use their notebooks. Now that is something I can sink my teeth into:

Also, yesterday, a friend posted this on FB about the contents of Prince's refrigerator. The internet again is interesting.

A TED talk that I need to watch, but don't have time for at the moment, about identity.

What makes you put a good book down? (from GoodReads)

Why do kids' books matter? Here, look. (Backs up all my Florida research...) (Leonard Marcus' curated exhibit at New York Public Library.) 

It's Frustratingly rare to find a novel about women that's not about love. I thought, what about Anne of Green Gables? Oh, Gilbert.

Twitter Help Center, Advanced Search. good to know.

Tweet from Bruce Reyes-Chow: "Gets at some of the complexities, "The Torch We Pass On: Asian Generation X-ers and the Millennials" via

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