Monday, July 22, 2013

Some stuff I found this week: 7/15/13-7/19/13

Tuesday, 7/16:

Household bill binder (I used to do this...)

Household chores binder (might work...)

Menu planner binder (hmmm...)

Cool free library benches in NYC (thanks to PopGoesTheLibrarian)

Duquesne professor helped with Cuckoo book (Rowling)

Sidney Crossbrick (a model of Sidney Crosby in Legos) 

Writing Women back into history: from the Brooklyn Museum about Wikipedia and the Dinner Party Installation.

Race (writing about it, audio) by Mitali Perkins

Why Librarians are needed more than ever in the 21st century (from Boing Boing

The beauty of eating at the bar (from the Atlantic) I love eating at the lunch counter at a pharmacy near the library. Marian the librarian and I used to go twice a week. With my schedule as it currently is, I often go 4 times a week.

Friday 7/19

Best 15 Red Carpet Dresses, EVER. (from Elle

Young Evangelicals are Getting High (Church, that is)

The mother of all grief (Washington Post) about Trayvon Martin and mothers.

Dirty Dancing is 25 plus years old. Found this article on xoJane. Article may have triggers for some.

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