Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad."

(C.S. Lewis)

I'm thinking about change these days. And my mind is a nation of questions.

Do I really want the PhD, or do I just want a job where summer isn't my busiest time?

What would it be like to be an academic librarian? Is there a market for that? Would I need a second master's degree? Do I want a second master's as opposed to a PhD?

What about an archivist? I am tending to like old things more and more, these days. Once upon a time, my dream job was to be a librarian at a museum...this was after I went to see the "Sleeping Beauty" book exhibit at the library at the Women's Museum in Washington, D.C.

I think I want to study women's history as librarians (especially children's librarians) have shaped the field. That is one thing I could have studied at the secret Midwestern school, but why do I need to go there to study it? Research is something I can do anywhere.

I'm finding that as I get older (I know, I'm still pretty young), I'm less interested in the minute to minute trends and more interested in the wide spectrum of change that happens over time. So much of what seems to be "librarianship of the Twitter/Facebook era" is knowing exactly what happened this afternoon on the LJ site (an example.) I don't want to have to be so plugged in that if I miss that, I'm way behind. It's part of why I only follow about 100 people on Twitter. If it's important enough, someone else will tweet or retweet it, I don't need to be "on the scene, at the very minute."

If I did stay in Pittsburgh, what else could I study? My dad apparently discussed with my mother that I should study Education but forgot to mention it to me. So when my mom said, have you thought further about studying Education, I said, "was I supposed to be considering it?"

I'm also starting to have "feelings" for the Catholic church again, yipes. I have a feeling no one from the "old days" is still here, but I've just been going through some of my old posts that I wrote about when I was a Catholic before. From what it looks like, I started the blog after I stopped being a Catholic, which makes sense b/c I remember when I started my blog I had a conversation with some folks at the Open Door.

This is an oldy but a goody post that goes through some of my Lenten feelings from 2006.


Helen said...

As a Third Order Carmelite, I'm smiling. :)

Sarah Louise said...

okay, what does that mean? I have soooo many questions. (hence the theme of the post.)

Helen said...

I have no idea where I'd begin! This might answer the question about Carmelites. http://therese.kashalinka.com/thirdorder/