Tuesday, February 07, 2012

"My God, we're going to have to skate home. Hell just froze over."

(Miranda Hobbes, as played by Cynthia Nixon, Season 4, Episode 13)

So, first off, I am hating this new Blogger interface. I might have to start composing in Word and then importing, the way Babelbabe did in the day.

Secondly, the reason this place has been blank (and previous to that, all about poetry) is that I *have* met a guy. And like Samantha, I'm not kissing and telling.

Samantha: I don't want to talk about it.
Carrie: (sing song) Samantha likes a guy, Samantha likes a guy.
Samantha: I do not.
Charlotte: You do! You do! Or you would tell us all the dirty details. 

He is a special guy and I want to be private about it. We've been going out for a month. (I think I'm becoming a grown-up, now that I'm in my forties.) (Wow, that sounds crazy. Me? Forty? I don't feel a day over 29.) 

In other news, this is the month of waiting. At the end of February, I will know if I have an INTERVIEW (read: the last hoop to jump through) with the secret Midwestern school. So, because the only thing I can do is pray and ask everyone I know to pray (for God's will, for his purpose to be known), I have given myself a creative project. One collage, every morning before breakfast. 4 magazines, one piece of cardboard, go! It's very freeing, sort of like morning pages from Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way. I may take pictures and post some here. At the end of February, I may have nothing, I may have to start my school search all over again, but I will have 28 collages. (I started on the 2nd of the month.) It is also serving as an excellent way to clear out all the old magazines I can't bear to throw out because I need them for collages. I think maybe next month's challenge will be to work with all the pages I've torn out but not done anything with yet. (And I have tons of those. Especially since every day this month I'm tearing through 4 magazines a morning.)

How are things in your world? What projects are you working on? What's the weather like where you are?

I am hearing my first birds of the new year, as I sit in my chair in the front room.

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Holly said...

ooh. well, i would look forward to seeing your collages. i like that idea a whole lot.

projects...i need a project. i think i'll go formulate one for myself.