Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To bare or not to bare, that is the question

This blog has always had a transparency, because I have a transparency.

Which might be part of why I haven't been writing as much, because I don't want to be that transparent.

I just sat and wrote about some things that happened a long time ago at Christmas. And I think I'll hold them in and ponder them in my heart some more.

But on this cold cold December day, know that I'm writing, and writing, and writing, and thinking of you as I write, as I spin my tales.

Stay warm, and stay in touch. And for heaven's sake, have a cupcake.

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Helen said...

I can relate to that! It seems like most of my own thoughts are not sharable. I don't keep any kind of diary either. If I did, I'd have to get up off my death bed someday to BURN it! (And what if I were hit by a truck, and didn't have the opportunity to burn it!?) So be it... All the same, I miss your daily meanderings! Oh, if we could only see the consequences of our choices before we make those choices... but then life would be pretty dull, I guess. Trust in the Lord and his plan, right?