Thursday, December 06, 2007

Three things

You know there's a whole movement of blogs (too lazy to find the link but I bet it's easily googled) that just list three beautiful things from the day. You know me, I'm much too verbose to keep it there, but I'm still getting my mojo back, so today, that's my post.

Three beautiful things:

1. Speaking a bit of French and more, listening to it spoken to me at Cafe Chez Amis for lunch.
2. Christmas lights--there is one huge house on Siebert that dazzles me to my toes.
3. Jacob Have I loved on audio--I'm on the very last bit, where she's a nurse midwife in the Appalacian Mountains (oops, spoiler alert!)

More to come, I promise.


John said...
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alyssa said...

LOVE that house on Siebert - so does Téah!!

Sarah Louise said...

oh it's nice to have friends that know what you're talking bout.

off to bed.

Badger said...

Oo! This is very nice. You will get your mojo back, I'm sure of it!

elena jane said...

i love those pretty lit houses....i can't wait to go driving around and see all the ones this weekend :)