Tuesday, December 25, 2007

gifts always lift one's spirit...

So we got lots of goodies, here at the Louise homestead.

Mamma is going to Mexico in February with Pappa to look at Monarchs (butterflies) so they both got "travel"or "Mexico" themed gifts. My mom got a cool book on butterflies.

Sis got socks. And more socks. And yes, more socks.

Bro got lots of boxers and books (things that begin with b).

I got a wide range: earrings (amber!!), books, Friends Season 6, The Family Stone on DVD, chocolate (of course) and yes, Santa knew what toothpaste I use.

Books that I got: High Fidelity and Long Way Down (to complete my Nick Hornby fiction collection.) Good job bro!

I'm feeling better (the cold medicine has kicked in, plus I'm taking tons of naps) in the physical realm and a little better in the achy breaky heart division...it comes and goes. (What did Delaware? Idaho, Alaska. She wore her New Jersey.) I'm telling you, KEEP SENDING JOKES. (Thanks Kiki.)

We went to see the National Tree and all the state trees. The Pennsylvania tree was decorated by kids at the Children's Museum in Pgh, so it wasn't very "state" oriented but it was fun.

Since I missed bro's birthday and will miss Sis's birthday, those days were celebrated last night (Bro) and tonight (Sis). I was very excited to get Bro the DVD of Ramones It's Alive. I made Sis a folder over Thanksgiving and so that was her birthday gift. I used to make tons of folders and got out of it, but when Max was feeling not so well the first time and just wanted to be alone, I made him a folder. When he was in the hospital for the tonsillectomy, I made him another one. So I was in practice and decided to make Sis one. I think I'll make one for Mamma that has monarachs etc.

Well, we've been talking to cousins all through the day, which is nice too. Just got a chance to talk to my only male cousin, whom I wanted to marry when I was five and he was thirteen. Since then, I've learned about inbreeding, and he met a nice girl in Arkansas and has three girls, so I guess my chance is gone.

Well, gotta go. Maybe I'll just take another nap. I have been sleeping A LOT. This cold isn't so fierce but I'm just trying to sleep it out as much as possible. Oh, and Aunt Flo came to visit this morning. "Merry Christmas!!"

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Amy A. said...

Merry Christmas, SL. I wish you the best in 2008.