Friday, May 10, 2013

TGIF (Friday); TGIF (Florida)

Went to lunch with the curator (SA) of the Baldwin collection and my faculty adviser (JC), who is in the English Dept, with a focus on Children's Lit. (Swoon.)

Today, twice was outside when the bells rang, they ring at the 15 minute intervals of the hour. Also, got a picture of a bird. My first picture of an animal (fauna) to balance out all the pictures of plants (flora). 

Today was the first day that I actually had personal conversations with people, as opposed to professional ones. And I got to go with SA to the Library West, where we found a few books I wanted for my project and then browsed the DVDs. They are in the order of purchase, so TOTALLY RANDOM. I picked up a copy of "Sense and Sensibility, b/c *what a great movie,* right? Also, 2 episodes of "The Prisoner" which SA says is amazing. Also, "Pan's Labyrinth," which might make me sob uncontrollably. Oh, and the documentary on the Dixie Chicks, called "Shut up and sing." I adore them.

Right now, I am listening to my "Girl from Ipanema" station on Pandora. It calms me down. I lived in Belem du Para for the first two years of my life while my dad was the Consul General, and my first word(s)? were in Portuguese. The house boy adored me. I love hearing stories about that stuff, who doesn't love hearing they were an adorable baby, and adored?

I miss the Book Nook at work, where I get my daily decaf for $1.00 and talk to the volunteers, who love hearing about my life. They are like having at least 5 extra Grandmas, since there is a different volunteer each day I work. SN said when her sister was in college, there was a guide for off-campus students called "where to find free coffee on campus." I don't know that there is a coffee area at the Baldwin. I guess that's to find out next week.

Goal this weekend: to make real macaroni and cheese, in the oven. NOM. (My freezer is teeny tiny, so buying frozen dinners at Trader Joe's seems silly. Although SN did say they probably won't go bad if you put them in the fridge. Still, I want to bake. Baked macaroni came to me like a vision as I walked to the bus. There goes my stomach, time for pita chips and hummus. Trader Joe's, you save me. (Not more than JC, but you know what I mean.)

Keys: SA, curator. JC, faculty member at UF, SN, my BFF, JC, Jesus Christ.

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