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Live tweeting and award shows...the Grammys edition (but ABOUT the Golden Globes)

Growing up, I never was one for awards shows. They weren't something we watched at home. The first time I watched the Oscars was when I had mono as a junior in high school. My mom and I had a fight about it, since she had a problem with me staying up that late. My dad was out of town, as I recall.

The Golden Globes are my favorite awards show. Everyone is sitting around tables, eating, drinking, and it's just as fun to watch the audience as it is to watch the presenters and winners. The first time I remember watching them was January 1995, when I watched them with my boyfriend and got a phone call during a commercial from my boss, saying that I didn't need to come into work the next day because the store's basement had flooded. My boyfriend didn't have work the next day either, because his place of employment (a museum on the North Side) had a flooded basement too. (That was a year of A LOT OF SNOW.)

The next year, I remembered the weekend, since it was the memory not only of the flood but of the Monday following the Golden Globes when I broke up with my boyfriend. At work, the week leading up to the anniversary, I kept saying, remember what last year was? I remember my boss Noah telling me to shut up. And wouldn't you know? The day after the Golden Globes in 1996, water came from our sprinkler system damaging thousands of dollars of books, so we didn't have to come in to work on Monday.

This year, my Internet was out during the Golden Globes, so I "live tweeted" into a Word document. So as I sit here watching the Grammys, I'm going to share those tweets and some other thoughts. Helen and Lilly, see if you can find the tweets that mention you!

To make the tweets a little more interesting a month after a show you might not have watched, I have categorized the tweets and added some links, including video from the show.) 

Tweets from the Golden Globes:  [words in brackets are my notes tonight as I edit this post]

Some tweets about presenters/hosts: (and the opening monologue and highlights are here.)

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, finally!! [so grateful that it's not that British guy again]

"None of us have PLANS to do porn." [Amy Poehler]

Tina Fey: "The Hunger Games" also what I call the 6 weeks that it took to get me into this dress.
Amy Poehler: "Life of Pi," which is the 6 weeks of blueberry pie after I take off this dress.

Meryl Streep is not here. she has the flu and I hear she's amazing in it.

Some tweets about commercials (which are top shelf b/c it's an expensive show to produce.) 

And here are the commercials that are the first set of expensive ones we haven't seen. Ooh, Cadillac.

How to make a light bulb sexy? Try the new Target ads. "Righty tighty, lefty loosey" in a movie star voice.

Apple, that's a big new ad. The "do not disturb" on iPhone5.

Okay, who thought the apple orchard commercial was going to be for Happy Meals??

Um, followed by "Apple Vacations"? 

Another commercial. Check the internet or no? No.

The everyday collection collection of commercials, yes!! [Target]

Also liking the Discover IT card commercials too. Almost makes me want a Discover card.

That Dart commercial was great. (More heartfelt...congratulate the movies for Best Picture instead, classy.) 

Some tweets about winners:

"We accept this award on her behalf" #1 goes to Maggie Smith.  

Game Change. Ah, a movie I've heard of. (What was the category?) #miniseriesorTVmovie

Heroic Brave Operation=HBO.

Okay, #2 for Homeland, a show I've never seen.

A guy that looks like an older Seth (writer of SNL) (not Rogan) just won for Life of Pi's score.

Jennifer Lawrence, WHOO!!!! [won a Golden Globe for Silver Linings Playbook]

Ed Harris, #2 We will accept this on his behalf.

First award for Les Miz, Anne Hathaway.

And she is freaking out. "that I will evermore use as a weapon against self doubt." And then she goes into a huge thing for Sally Field. Who knew she would be such a gusher. 

Quentin gets screenplay nod. 2nd award for Django, I think.

Not sure I've heard him speak before. [Quentin Tarentino, director of Django]

Clearly he proofreads, b/c speaking is not his thing. "Heavens forbid." "This is a damn surprise, and I'm glad to be surprised."

Wow, Homeland keeps winning them. 

Okay, and this is a show I've never seen, that I might want to. Girls.

"this award is for anyone who ever felt there wasn't a space for her, HBO has made a space for me."

Girls wins again, for best show.

Oh wow, star and executive producer.[Lena Dunham, creator, actor, producer, of Girls]

Oh my, no. Jodie Foster CANNOT be getting a LIFETIME Award. 5 decades????

WOW. And her dress is amazing too.

Woop woop for Jodie Foster for talking about privacy. WOW. Is she really stopping movies?

Another award for Les Miz. (Hugh Jackman)

Wow, can say I have never heard this guy do an award, he's amazing. 

Daniel Day Lewis, OF COURSE. [for Lincoln]

For this, I would stay up. Tony Kushner, Steven Spielberg... [for Lincoln]

ARGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Movie of the year]

This is for them (the people in the diplomatic services, the people that work in the clandestine services.) YAY!!

Some tweets about my broken Internet: 

And it's not bad enough I have no Internet, now my digital TV is pixelating?

Server still not found. (Checking the Internet during speeches of shows I don't watch.) 

Problem loading page. I actually was going to be disappointed--I mean, I do want to share this night, but I'm having fun by myself, and that's good too.  

btw, i'm ready for internet this time...nope, problem loading page. ooh, another commercial (oh, the same one) for Cadillac.

I wonder if Comcast has DSL. 

Problem Loading Page. Ugh. 

Problem loading page. Why did i even think to believe it when it said "excellent?" there is that RED line on the Verizon thing, wish I could look THAT up. Now it's gone.

 Random tweets:

"Call me maybe" to Bradley Cooper from the President of the Hollywood Press Press

"Best Exotic Marigold Hotel."

JOEY HAS GRAY HAIR!! (I mean Matt Le Blanc)

Before Twitter, this is when I found out about all the shows I didn't watch on cable.

TONY MENDEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [He was the Argo CIA operative]

"Do you really know Warren Beatty?" "Yeah, I took a leak next to him at the Golden Globes." [line from Argo]

Oh please let it be Taylor Swift, "Safe and sound."

Well, okay, I know who Adele is, at least. [who won GG for best original song. TS was nominated for her song which was in the Hunger Games.]

You could see that look of frost [from Taylor] when Adele said, "oh we just came out as mums for a night out."

I forgot that Kevin Costner directed "Dances with Wolves."

Bill Clinton!!

(And the room just stood up and lit up.) Everyone is in awe.

He's introducing Lincoln. Wow. That is a bold move.

"What an exciting guest, that was Hillary Clinton's husband."[Amy Poehler]

Wow, Jeremy Irons looks like the guy from Fantasy Island.

Salmon fishing in the Yemen--hmmm.


"Because English is a second language for both of us." "How long have you been here? It's embarrassing." [Arnold Swartzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, introducing GG's for foreign films]

"I never thought to get an award in Hollywood by an Austrian." [winning GG foreign film is an Austrian film.]

Ooh, Nathan Fillian.

One more hour???

We all yearn for something, and that something is...the other sock.

Cause everyone loved it, he's forever known as "The writer of The Notebook."

Moonrise Kingdom?

Two hours of late night and 50 cars. (Leno and Fallon)

Please let's go to bed SOON.

Jennifer Garner is SOOOO Cute.

Bedtime soon, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

This is for Helen, who joined Twitter b/c the pope started tweeting. um, and he was mentioned in people who died, so check if he did. [he didn't.]

Anne Hathaway reminds me most of Lilly, which I think she'd love b/c she loves the Lez Miz.

Having George Clooney at the end is good, Meryl Streep was supposed to be here, but under the weather.

Julia Roberts. Where has she been hiding all night?

I would say whoever put this show together did an amazing job.


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