Saturday, July 17, 2010

the one where Sarah Louise goes to Goodwill...

It is a truth universally accepted that if one increases eating and reduces exercise, one will no longer fit in one's favorite clothes.

(It could happen to you...) Yes, it happened to me. I gained approximately 30 lbs this year. It crept up on me, as I wear a lot of dresses (no waist) low cut jeans (doesn't hit the waist) and don't have a reliable full length mirror.

But with summer on the scene, and no shorts that fit, and both jeans that do fit are in dire need of laundering (and I don't really like the one pair that fits) I decided a trip to Goodwill was in order.

It took me three trips to the dressing room, but I came home with some clothes that look nice on me and make me feel pretty. I know I will lose the weight as I get back into my walking routine, but for now, to have something that fits who I am this moment, well, I feel pretty.

What I got:
  • a green plastic bowl to replace the blue plastic bowl I broke trying to break an ice chunk earlier this summer, 99 cents.
  • a diorama of sorts with two blue roses, just pretty, a dollar fifty.
  • a jewelery box, to replace the one I re-purposed when I re-did my bathroom, leaving some of my jewelery in decorative stationery boxes, two dollars.
  • a Melodie Beattie book, two dollars
  • Two pairs of shorts, six dollars
  • a pair of capris (a capri?), three dollars
  • a Liz Claiborne golf shirt, four dollars
  • a pair of jeans that doesn't make me look like a cow, six dollars
  • a dress that made me take my hair down from my hair barrette and admire that girl in the mirror, priceless.
And knowing that I had the energy to work 5 hours and then shop for forty five minutes after driving for almost an hour (I prefer the Cheswick Goodwill), that was worth it, to know that I have energy. My schedule for working next week is more back to normal, but I'm trying to not over load my circuits, so to speak.

Wondering if I have any readers. I need to get a page counter again.

Tomorrow evening, it's off to a free concert with Roseanne Cash. I'm going with a guy from work...I think he's more excited about the prospect of going with me, whereas I'm excited to have someone to go with to the concert. I consulted my father and brother. My brother: you have nothing to worry about. My dad: laughed, knowingly. It was a good excuse to call my brother, though.

Sounds like heat thunder outside my window. I'm getting hungry, time for the evening popcorn fix.

One of these days, I'm going to have to see if the bathing suit still fits...but not tonight.


Badger said...

*waving* You have a least one reader! I'm in the midst of my Summer Doldrums and don't often have much to say, but I'm here.

Sarah Louise said...

Thanks luv! I'm reading you too, though, also, not always having something to say.

Will summer end soon????????


Helen said...

Great finds at GW!!

Erin Wilson said...

Don't go back to the stat counter. It's a crazy-maker. Write because you have to, and because you love it. Make sure that your time here feeds you... you know?

Peace :)

Adaena said...

I can identify with the weight yo-yoing. I always gain in the winter and then struggle to fit in my summer clothes. You were wise to buy some new clothes -- a wardrobe that fits always makes a woman feel prettier and less, um, muffin toppish. Where is this Cheswick Goodwill you speak of? Cheswick? Never heard of it.

Holly said...

yes, i'm here.

Sarah Louise said...

Thanks for waving, everybody!! I know I'm doing this for me, but it's nice to know someone is out there too. And the thing I luv about blogs is the interaction...


@adaena -- the Cheswick Goodwill is in, well, Cheswick. It's where the ladies from Fox Chapel take their stuff, so it's my go-to for jeans, etc. You can get there via 28 or a more scenic route down Freeport. We should go sometime.