Sunday, May 02, 2010

It's a great day for...a marathon, graduation, AND Hockey

okay, so apparently my "print screen" of the fact that the Pittsburgh marathon is currently the #5 search "medium hotness" isn't working.

I'll mess with it later.

Agenda for today:

Get out of bed (darn laptop)
Eat something
Get on something rain gearish
find umbrella
go find a really cool place to cheer on the Marathoners!!

get some lunch

find a good place to cheer on the Penguins (probably my bed/sofa)

probably go to church at the Open Door (since, see list, church isn't listed. yes, the problems with morning church, a lot of fun things happen on Sunday morning.)

Maybe I'll post more. Maybe I'll write about the marathon. Last year I had high hopes and well...nothing.

Kisses and hugs!! Catch ya later!!

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