Monday, March 29, 2010

Pictures and more pictures...

Parking chairs, circa WINTER 2010.

Valentimes flowers from Dad, circa WINTER 2010.

Sunset, circa, WINTER 2010
Crocuses, circa the lawn is melted, can it be spring? 2010
More crocuses, circa, YES, SPRING HAS SPRUNG, 2010.

I have actually done some weeding on the lawn. The crocuses are long gone, but now we have weeds intermixed with the grass and tulips.

More later, I promise.


Helen said...

lol! Parking chairs!

LemonySarah said...

Post again soon! BTW, love the pics, especially the parking chairs.

Sarah Louise said...

Lemony Sarah,

Thanks!! I wrote one just now. Comments are like gold, since I've been writing so sporadically.