Saturday, January 23, 2010

To blog or not to blog, that is the question...

You have surely noticed that I'm barely pretending to keep up this blog. And that I supposedly off working on studying for my GREs, preparing my portfolio for my MFA application, and other "important" work.

Yeah, right.

So I've been contemplating coming back, a bit a week...maybe.

But I couldn't not share this beautiful book with you, it reminds me of Paula's blog. Blogging for Bliss: crafting your own online journal. This is the book I'd read if I had time to really craft and really blog. It's by Tara Frey and features what seems like a hundred blogger profiles. So much of it is the stuff we all learned by trial and error, but it is a beautiful book, one that I would recommend if you are really hoping to make it blogging, for reals, not just piecemeal like yours truly.

It talks about HTML, manners, ads vs. no ads. And at $14.95, it's a bargain.

The best part are the almost 100 blogger profiles. The other stuff is mostly on the job training. (Unless you are a beginner. Then, it is doubly great.)

Tara's blog, typing out loud, is stunning. It is a place I would go every day, (if I trolled the blogosphere daily, which I don't anymore.)


cuileann said...

funny to me that you are doing GRE prep at the same time as some of my friends here.

Sarah Louise said...

no, see, I'm NOT doing the prep. That word, procrastination, has reared its vile and ugly head. I have subscribed to the Twitter feed for big bad words you might find on standardized tests, though.

Paula said...

Wow SL thats a big compliment!

I'm blushing...

And I hope your back is better soon, just don't rush it.

Adaena said...

I read "Blogging for Bliss." It both inspired me and gave me an inferiority complex --there are so many great blogs out there.