Friday, March 27, 2009

mental health: it's not for wimps

This was one of my tweets this morning: "a mental health tip: if you've been morose for weeks and all of a sudden you are giggly, watch out. (tired of monitoring moods) #moods.diva"

Yep, I flipped. (It's a my non-medical terminology for I was grumpy/depressed and now I'm not.)

I can feel my skin. It's time for a bath. (I thought I wanted a walk, but that would be WAY too stimulating.)

So, movies to see if you've had the WORST day ever: I love you man. It is highly inappropriate from minute 5, so don't go with ANYONE you don't know real well/aren't comfortable with. But it was hysterical, exactly what I needed.

okay, got to go monitor the bath. Be healthy!!

another tweet:
Apparently the pea soup fog is so bad that 1 car hit utility pole, another went into a creek. Blech.


KitchenKiki said...

I'm confused. Are you feeling better or just different? (was the flip too extreme?)

I hope you are doing well!

Sarah Louise said...

what happened (didn't discover til Friday morning) was that I missed Thursday a.m.'s meds. It flipped me into hypo-manic, which is uncomfortable. I went back to normal meds and now I'm my morose self again.

Gotta love "better living through chemistry." Do not experiment, even by accident!!


Gingers Mom said...

The news can be a little daunting right?