Monday, April 30, 2007

"You were never meant to be a woman on this island"

Captain to Sara Louise Bradshaw in Jacob Have I loved by Katherine Paterson.

Yes, her name is Sara Louise. She is the inspiration for my blog name. One of these days I intend to purchase the audio book. I think it's only available on cassette, the one with Moira Kelly.

In this scene, Sara Louise is mourning McCall's decision to marry her twin sister, Caroline. She thought maybe she had a future with Call.

I don't have the book here, but either here, or later, the Captain urges Sara Louise to follow her dreams. She discovers that she wants to be a doctor, and pursues this goal at the University of Maryland.

Later, SL is a nurse in a town that bears her father's first name, in the mountains. After living on the island her whole life, she has a desire to see mountains, and this town is completely surrounded by mountains.

After a life of living in the shadow of her sister, Caroline, older by only minutes, SL has found her own way.

While I am the oldest of three, and I have seen mountains, and islands, and no desire to be a doctor or a nurse, I love SL. So much that I used her name for this blog.

Ugh. Do you ever have that blog feeling where you're trying to get something out but you can't? That's the awkwardness of this post. I have been dreaming the wrong dream, it seems, much like SL was. She was hoping that something would happen with Call, who chose Caroline. But instead she found something better.

Anyways, I can't put my finger on how to express this. But [did you sense the pause] the stars of Spiderman 3 are on the Today show, so I'll have to leave you with this awkward attempt. Anyways, I'm puzzling my way through.

And soon, I have to get ready for some computer training. Oh, and if working on my day off weren't enough, it's also DAY TWO.

But, I have planned ahead. At 4:45, I have scheduled a massage.


Badger said...

Hey! Did I tell you that I saw the DVD of the movie of this book at my dollar store? Do you have it already? Because I would be happy to drop by and see if there are any left.

Sarah Louise said...

I do not have it--please I would be indebted, I'll email you.

suzannah | the smitten word said...

katherine patterson is amazing. i remember reading the great gilly hopkins in my desk during math class and bridge to terabithia again and again, sobbing every time. jacob have i loved was so powerful, too.

i read an article by her (about her?) in sojourners not too long ago and loved her all the more. it's so cool when something meaningful to you as a child still resonates after the years.